Complete Healthcare

Your life is 24/7/365. Now the doctor is too!

Find the right health insurance your self, or talk with an insurance expert from KindHealth. You can also save on your prescriptions from RxSaver4UNow. Get Telehealth and more from Healthcare2U, and Telehealth4UNow.

If you like seeing doctor in person, great. You can skip the trip the doctor, and save thousands of dollars. Medical consultations can cost as little as $0, anytime, and anywhere. Avoid travel to the doctor office, sitting in waiting rooms, wasting your time, and picking up who knows what germs. If and when you need to see a doctor face-to-face, we have plans that make that affordable as well.

Benefits4UNow has insurance, and additional healthcare benefit options for you and your family’s healthcare needs.


Access to affordable and convenient healthcare benefits is key to living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our solutions help people, both young and old, access great healthcare. Whether it’s our around the clock telemedicine or discounts  medications that don’t break the bank, we’ll help you save money.


You can access professional healthcare when and where you need it, 24/7/365 days a year, from the comfort of your home.

Have a question about your health, but you don’t really want to make an appointment, sit in a waiting room, and fill out countless forms. Telehealth is fast, easy and affordable.


We provide healthcare benefits, as well as access to vision, dental, and hearing aids, making life more enjoyable.

We may try to save money by not obtaining the aids we need to live a good life. Make sure you can see, eat and hear, and improve your lifestyle.

Great Healthcare Benefit Alternative Providers

We offer great Healthcare insurance and benefits discounts from several great companies…KindHealth, Healthcare2U’s MyDPCplus, HealthPerx,  RxSaver4UNow, Telehealth4UNow & more.
Each provides a unique solution. Take a look.



Making decisions about health insurance can be daunting, that’s why Benefits4UNow has partnered with KindHealth. KindHealth will help you make informed and stress-free decisions about your insurance by providing personalized recommendations based on your needs. Take a look.

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Life is tough sometimes. With COVID-19 and the changes to our economy and healthcare systems, it’s even tougher. TeleTherapy4UNow offers a revolutionary TeleTherapy service for you and your entire family. Get medical quality therapy in the privacy of our own home, when you need it.

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Healthcare 2U


Available to people from 2 to 65, Healthcare2U offers primary care healthcare services from their network of board-certified physicians and medical professionals to schedule either telehealth or in-office patient visits. Get simply MyDPCplus or enhance your membership with savings on medications with RXSaver4UNow.

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RxSaver4UNow provides direct access to medications at negotiated PBM pricing and Home Delivery Pharmacy pricing on a pre-paid basis. RxSaver4Unow offers solutions for high priced specialty drugs via an International Pharmacy of Pharmacy Assistance Program (PAP) service. This is a pharmacy subscription service. This is not insurance.

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Get Virtual Primary Care as well as treatment for urgent care and mental health from the safety of your home. TeleHealth4UNow offers easy, immediate access to doctors and therapists for you or your entire family, from any device, 24/7/360. TeleHealth4UNow offers a revolutionary Telehealth service for you and your entire family. Get medical quality medical advice when you need it.

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